Make a fashion statement today with your purchase, and you’ll warm the hands and hearts of those in need in Detroit this winter! What could be cooler than that?

Let folks know that you are a proud supporter of Mittens for Detroit in our new t-shirts!

‘Snow’ by Lisa R. Fredenthal-Lee Mittens for Detroit Art Note Card Set

Mittens for Detroit is proud to feature this beautiful set of five 5″x7″ premium art note cards, featuring ‘Snow’, artwork by Lisa R. Fredenthal-Lee. ‘Snow’ features Cut, Snipped, Torn, and Pasted Envelope Collage as the medium. Wearing a warm hooded jacket and toasty mittens, a child catches snowflakes… enjoying a snowy day! This beautiful image evokes the fun of children playing in the snow – maybe the child is taking a break from building a snowman or a snow fort!

Mittens for Detroit Bracelets, by Link Wachler Designs

We are so fortunate to have these beautiful bracelets designed for us by Link Wacher Designs. The bracelets come in three styles, as shown in the photos. They all feature a sterling silver clip-on MFD heart logo 7mm black silicone bracelet with stainless steel clasp, with additional features that can be added. MFD’s Executive Director Wendy has worn hers early every day since February 2015 – and it looks brand new! A beautiful bracelet to wear – especially knowing that each one sold warms the hands of children and adults in Detroit with their own new mittens and gloves.

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The perfect place to shop for presents or for yourself while doing good for children and adults in Detroit! Shop purchases fund new mittens and gloves.

You’ll find our Smitten with Mittens calendar, mugs, phone cases, even a marvelously warm fleece blanket to keep you comfy this winter!