Community Collection Locations

While our public collection season ends January 10th annually, we are able to receive new mittens and gloves year-round. In the off-season, please either mail your pairs to us or drop them off at our one full-time Collection Partner – The Yarn Stop.

Please view this map to find out where you can drop off your new, warm mittens and gloves. Zoom in on the map, click on a red heart, and check the address in the column to the left of the map. For more information, please use the contact form on this page. Thank you – and stay healthy!

Community Collection Season 12 has drawn to a close, as far as public collections. In spite of another year of the pandemic, you have made an incredible impact with helping us to donate nearly 20,000 pairs! This brings our 12-year total to greater than 325,000 new pairs –  more than one-quarter million pairs of hands that you have warmed!! We welcome donations throughout the year. New store-bought or handmade pairs of mittens and gloves throughout the year.

You can mail them to us at:
Mittens for Detroit
Attn: W. Shepherd
2886 12 Mile Road, Box 721427, Berkley, MI 48072-0717