Kids Helping Kids

In 2010, Mittens for Detroit began collecting purchasing and distributing new pairs of mittens and gloves to people in need in Detroit. Within the first couple of years, many pairs were coming in from collections run by children. Sometimes it was a school project, sometimes a religious group project, sometimes a scout project. The children understood inherently how uncomfortable others were when their hands are not covered in the winter. These kids knew that mittens matter.

Kids started helping kids with MittenRaisers and fundraisers in schools in Novi, Grosse Pointe, Walled Lake, Royal Oak, Sterling Heights, Fraser, Warren… and even at an elementary school near Albany, NY! Lemonade stands, robotics teams collections, coney island sales, knitting and sewing pairs… kids took initiative and helped.

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If you have questions, please contact Wendy Shepherd, MFD Executive Director, [email protected].

Then the pandemic hit, stopping everything for our kids in March 2020. Suddenly so many things that they did to show they cared about others were not able to happen. We missed those junior philanthropist kids. They gave us the energy to think positively and optimistically about society helping those in need.

Mittens for Detroit is helping kids help kids, making it easy for them to take action on behalf of others. Kids can’t do it without their grown-ups, and we hope that you will help them as their schools, clubs, and organizations open up.

Parents/Special Adults/Teachers: Kids can receive community service hours for volunteering. Mittens for Detroit is a 501(c)(3), and work that they do to help others stay warm can be counted towards these hours. Kids ages 16 and older can come to our office to count, sort, and box up pairs for pick up by our Distribution Partners. Coordinating a MittenRaiser with student council, a scout troop, or part of a religious celebration are all great ways to help in the community. Please note: Any groups of kids must be accompanied by an appropriate number of adults. Thank you.

Thanks for helping the kids do good work! Remember… #GivingWarmthIsCool!