Mittens for Detroit, Inc., is a nonprofit with the purpose of collecting, purchasing, and distributing new mittens and gloves to children and adults in need in Detroit, Michigan, and other underserved cities. Actress Erin Cummings (Feed the Beast, Madoff, Astronaut Wives Club, Detroit 1-8-7, Spartacus: Blood & Sand) founded Mittens for Detroit in 2010.

Mittens for Detroit was founded in 2010 by actress Erin Cummings when she lived in Metro Detroit while working on Detroit 1-8-7. In its first seven years, Mittens for Detroit collected and purchased more than 200,000 new pairs of mittens and gloves, distributing them to more than 100 Detroit charities, agencies, schools, and programs. Mittens and gloves are collected by businesses, corporations, organizations, and by individuals.

Cummings was inspired to create Mittens for Detroit while passing out candy on Halloween with her cousin, Kathi Moss, who lives in Southfield, near Detroit. Two young girls and their mother came to the door trick-or-treating, and one of the girls was crying. Moss noticed the girl was missing a glove, and without thinking twice, she invited the family inside, found an extra pair of gloves, put them on the little girlʼs hands, and sent the family on their way to enjoy the rest of their Halloween night. Cummings, who had been looking for a way to give back to her new community, was struck by the simplicity and generosity of her cousinʼs actions, and the Mittens For Detroit initiative was born. “I know that times are tough and some may feel discouraged from giving because of their own financial circumstances,” Cummings says. “We’re keeping it simple. All we want is mittens and gloves. Big gloves, little gloves, fancy gloves, handmade gloves. As long as they are new and will keep a pair of hands warm, we will take them.”